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Skynet in Love

Art tapping into the twisted distortions of the cyber-infected human psyche, and the artist's personal dystopian nightmares inspired by the disturbed drug-fueled hallucinations of Arthur Rimbaud’s literary genius in Une Saison en Enfer  (brilliantly portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film version of Christopher Hampton’s play Total Eclipse), saturating canvases with disquieting twisted images wedded to the psychotic delusions of an unbridled and diabolical A.I.

The paintings represented on this page reveal a visual universe fusing abstract and surreal elements to depict the complex but inherently meaningful disturbances swirling within the subconscious mind.  The dynamic movement throughout the images allows the eye to succumb to the quivering patterns that seem to create almost lyrical performances, while human feelings themselves stagnate by turning into mechanical copies rather than authentic expressions of human sensibility. Constellations on the canvas trigger intense optical sensations fused with the experience of the viewers’ neurosis, while more emotionally charged shapes and ominous suggestions of claustrophobic environments smother everything else.  A frenetic energy is transformed and trapped, unable to escape from its self-generated maze.

As the mind becomes more infected by computer-modeled organizations of behavior and thought, the corporate simplification of experience and ideas then begins to transform the human world into a diseased imitation of machine logic and sterile mechanical values.  Artificial Intelligence, elevated to the status of absolute control, attempts pale recreations of emotions and lives, empty of passion or life: the soulless Skynet of the future, the toaster with ambition.

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