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Silent Watcher:  A Suggested Myth

From evidence recorded in prehistoric caves, one of the primary tasks assigned to visual image-making is to process the intersection between the spiritual and material realms of human experience.  Strange figures appear alongside the sacred animals visited on the rocky surfaces that unknown shamans used to present their visions.  Inspired by substances inducing hallucinogenic gateways, as some anthropologists have speculated, the ancient artists expressed through their pictures some of the unseen realities witnessed during their heightened awareness, glimpses into the most secret areas of the earth of an intelligence beyond the concerns and traffic of the everyday life of human beings, a presence that quietly observes and waits. 


The silent watcher is an invisible spiritual force, having arrived long before the emergence of homo sapiens onto this planet, and continuing far beyond the disappearance of our civilization with all its marvels and destructions. It neither judges, nor interferes with human destiny, merely existing as a witness hidden from our encroachment. An unknown purpose, an unwavering agenda.  Something sensed in the quiet shadows, encountered in excursions through cool empty forests in the dead of night, undisturbed, silent, cautious, registering all but never animating itself lest it's existence is revealed.  Supernatural, divine, and a permanent visitor evaluating the continuity of events troubling the earth and the perilous lives of men.  

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