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Without doubt, the modern era presents considerable challenges for the attempt by individuals to maintain privacy against the onslaught from technology that invades our homes and seems to be constantly monitoring our lives.  The imposition of the federal government, once meant to secure citizen freedoms in our constitutional democracy, instead blankets all communications in the name of security and suffocates personal liberties under an uneasy recognition that the state's intrusive control may be for its own ends rather than ours.  The paranoia thus engendered by government agencies emboldened by The Patriot Act and other unconstitutional intrusions into private lives of citizens, creates the delusions of National Security Agency men spying undercover, gathering information, unnecessary for deterring real terrorist threats, and, instead, intimidating citizens into nonresistance and compliance to the insidious soullessness emanating from the authoritarian corporate will.

Almost everywhere one looks, suspicious figures appear, sometimes wantonly right in front of us, but are more often glimpsed out of the corner of one's eye, or even partially camouflaged within hallucinations of sinister landscapes emerging from other-worldly domains.  The representatives of this governmental control surreptitiously snooping into citizens' lives seem intent on discovering personal information to menace all potential challenges into passive conformity.  Eventually, enough exposure to the minions of the National Security State wears through normal sanity, and insidiously warps the mind into an hyper-sensitive paranoid awareness that sees and believes the surveillance operatives have saturated into every unguarded element of one's personal reality. 

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