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Parallel Dimensions

Contemporary cosmological physics is increasingly drawn into speculations about the existence of parallel universes and the implications to human beings of positing such an existence.  Ideas on the fringes of physics that expand the mind beyond everyday perceptions are being enthusiastically explored, and possibilities that seem to defy a logical understanding of physical nature are being seriously contemplated, and should not remain the exclusive domain of science.  If art both holds the mirror up to nature and sheds light on its essential fabric, it should examine ideas that present complex visual ambiguities which rarely, if ever, successfully appear in modern or contemporary artistic artifacts or expressions.  


The examples from the Parallel Dimensions series offered here are meant to provide a glance into the imagined intersections between separate, yet overlapping distinct universes, intended to alter the viewer's expectations about isolated realities and the necessary consciousness employed to interact concurrently with many.  By abruptly integrating the mosaic fragments of various visual styles into a single image, the pictures project multiple lenses, simultaneously propelling the viewer into a visionary experience that seeks to mentally and emotionally create a vivid awareness of parallel overlapping multiverses.  These pictures allude to the paradoxical combination of numerous, interchangeable perspectives on reality, and, in so doing, may elevate the viewer's spiritual consciousness by instigating their exploration of this expanded awareness.  Also, by depicting compressed facets from diverging realities into a single pictorial thought, these images mirror the cognitive gymnastics required to sustain multilayered perspectives, serving as symbols of effective strategies for balancing the challenging, often conflicting, demands of modern existence. 

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