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Golden Dreams I

The beauty of gold, coupled with the maniacal obsession for the metal that has been universally treasured throughout human history, inspired the saturated phantasms of auric wealth presented in these images.  Golden metal is viewed here as it is melted down and liquefied in cauldrons of intense heat, preparing to be molded and twisted into ornate artifacts taking the form of expensive jewelry or other overly ostentatious cosmetic decoration.  Another use of this exceptional metal may be for the manufacture of gold into an infinite number of other expensive objects or utensils, all serving to display the power and privilege unabashed financial abundance bestows on the inordinately and often undeservedly wealthy.

These pictures also portray the beautiful fluidity of molten gold, as yet unshaped by human hands, but almost supernaturally imbued with glistening beauty and exorbitant potential.  As the only metal that never tarnishes, gold retains its pristine almost solar glow indefinitely, and symbolically represents the immortality that many transient beings yearn for: the desire for creating an immortal permanent mark outside of the flux and inevitable deterioration of life, a beauty not subject to age or decay, the impossible and empty dream of emperors and financial titans, the greedy and the powerful. 



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