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Golden Dreams II

Images such as these are meant to betray the sensibility of many who find security in the physical possession of the gold itself, either in the form of ingots, coins, or richly crafted objects of high quality and purity.  In the Middle East or even in China and the Indian subcontinent, many persons of extensive wealth trust the ancient traditions and market stability of the precious metal, and rely on the assurances the actual possession of gold has over the currency and stock fluctuations common in today’s financial markets.  These images serve as reminders to those with access to such stockpiles that their wealth is secure and constantly at their disposal.

But even these illustrations may reflect a dreaded prison caused by a narrow obsession with riches, by delivering visionary dreams of gold bullion swirling in uncontrolled fantasies that overwhelm all other aspects of reality.  The insatiable desires of mythical and modern-day incarnations of Midas could transform the mind's preoccupations with gaudy possessions into an awareness that the metallic ingots of supposed wealth may suffocate the bearer within the materialistic barrier of unfeeling private isolation as moralized in the Midas myth, threaten the danger of being symbolically starved and buried within a tomb of golden metal, however desirable it once may have seemed.

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